#BTH20 Community Service Announcement

Next week marks a very important anniversary for Stolen Generations members and their families. It will be 20 years since the Bringing Them Home report was tabled in Federal Parliament.
This was incredibly significant for Stolen Generations members, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, as it was the first time this tragic chapter of our nation’s history was presented in such a way. It was also the first time that many people shared their stories and, for some, it marked the start of their healing journey.

Throughout next week, commemorative events will take place around the country. This includes a private gathering at Parliament House in Canberra and events by all state and territory governments.

To support commemorations, and increase public awareness of this important anniversary, the Healing Foundation has produced a Community Service Announcement. The script was developed in partnership with Stolen Generations members; their grandchildren and great-grandchildren volunteered to join them in the filming. Aboriginal singer and Stolen Generations survivor Archie Roach AM, has provided the music to accompany the CSA. A number of broadcasters, including Channel 7, SBS and NITV, have committed screening the clip. Keep an eye out for it… online or on your television.
The 20th anniversary of the Bringing Them Home report was officially launched at the Sydney Opera House on 27 April. This special event brought Stolen Generations members, Indigenous leaders, government and corporate representatives together for a morning of formalities, story sharing and reunions. It was an incredibly emotional day and marked the start of #BTH20 commemorations. Archie Roach performed a powerful rendition of Beautiful Child and They Took The Children Away. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

The Healing Foundation has commissioned a review that looks at the new and emerging needs of Stolen Generations members and their families. This will be released at a special commemorative function at Parliament House in Canberra on 23 May 2017.

The key objective of BTH20 is to make the stories of Stolen Generations members, and this part of Australia’s history, acknowledged and understood by the broader community. It’s is about healing the past, looking to the future and sharing culture, spirit and pride with all Australians.
The Healing Foundation would like to thank and acknowledge every single person who has contributed to this important anniversary. For more information about #BTH20 visit www.healingfoundation.org.au

You are encouraged to tweet and post your support for Stolen Generations members and their families using #BTH20 in the commemorations week beginning 22 May.

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