2013 IAHA HealthFusion Team Challenge

IAHA held its first HealthFusion Team Challenge 24 – 27 November 2013 at our second national conference

Congratulations to ‘Team Paitya’ – Trevor Ritchie (occupational therapy), Marayah Taylor (allied health), Stacey Anderson (social work), Michale Franklin-Power (physiotherapy) and Chris Cavanagh (dentistry) for winning the first IAHA HealthFusion Team Challenge (HFTC) held specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health students. The 20 students came from a diverse range of disciplines including social work, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, radiography, dentistry, mental health, sport and exercise science, nutrition and dietetics and medical science (pathology).

Together the participants learned about working in interprofessional teams to attack a complex case study and plan the holistic care for a fictional character and her family. The skills, knowledge, dedication and passion within the groups were evident to all involved, particularly the mentors engaged to support them. After the inspirational and challenging heats, the final two teams battled it out in a ‘Final Showdown’ which was held as a plenary session within the IAHA national conference. Congratulations to all the teams that participated they were all exceptional.

Click here to view a photo gallery of 2013 IAHA HFTC participants.


Prizes Sponsored by:

Pharmacy Guild

The HealthFusion Team Challenge (HFTC) is an extra-curricular, immersive and fun interprofessional learning experience that uses competition to motivate students studying in the health sciences to work together for improved patient outcomes.

How does the HFTC work?

  • Register for the HFTC and you will be randomly placed in a team of 4-6 students from a wide range of different health professions.
  • Each team is given the same complex case study and must work together over two days to problem solve and prepare a management plan to get your patient back on track.
  • Teams then present their plan to panel of expert judges and a live audience before responding to a range of interesting and challenging extension activities.
  • The two teams that demonstrate a mastery of teamwork and communication in the heats then go on to the Finals to compete in a Final Showdown.

How will being involved benefit me?

You will

  • Experience working in an interprofessional team to solve problems and determine the best care for a person with complex care needs
  • Be mentored by a number of experienced and inspirational mentors from a wide range of professions
  • Gain confidence in public speaking and presenting in front of small and large groups
  • Meet and make friends outside your profession and from across Australia
  • Grow your professional network and get noticed by employers even before you graduate

To find our more and to hear from students check out the following videos:

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