2018 Annual General Meeting

The 2018 IAHA Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 1 December 2018 in Sydney NSW. 



 Nominations for Director

The nominations for the Board have now closed, and we are pleased to announce that we have 9 nominees for the 5 Director (Graduate) positions (see the ballot form for the names of the candidates).  Written statements have been provided by 8 of these candidates, presenting their case to Members for election to the position of Director.  All candidates will also have an opportunity to address Members at the 2018 AGM prior to the election ballot.

2018 AGM Documents 

How to appoint a proxy

We look forward to seeing you at our AGM at 8:30am (Sydney time) on Saturday 1 December 2018, at the Mercure Sydney Hotel, 818-820 George Street, Chippendale NSW.  However, if you are unable to attend, there is still time to submit your proxy vote.

You will need to complete the Proxy Form attached to the Notice of General Meeting.  A link to the Proxy Form is also provided below. 

  • If you wish to appoint the Chairperson of the AGM as your proxy, mark that box. 
  • If you wish to appoint another FULL MEMBER as your proxy, write their name as indicated on the Proxy Form.

How to direct your proxy

If you do not direct your proxy, they may vote as they consider fit.

Alternatively, you can direct your proxy how to vote in the Director elections by:

  1. completing the “Voting directions” section of the Proxy Form; and
  2. completing the ballot form on the Members only section of IAHA’s website and attach it to the Proxy Form (to be lodged with IAHA, see below).  The ballot form contains instructions on how to properly complete the form to ensure it is valid.

Lodgement of Proxy

The Proxy Form must be received by the Company no later than 48 hours before the meeting.  This means we must receive your Proxy Form no later than 8:30 am (Sydney time) on Thursday 29 November 2018.  Any Proxy Form received after that time will not be valid.

Proxy Forms may be lodged by sending the form to the Company in any way set out below:

Post / Delivery: Indigenous Allied Health Australia Ltd, 6b Thesiger Court Deakin West ACT 2600

Facsimile: (02) 6260 5581

Email: secretary@iaha.com.au



Notice of 2018 IAHA AGM and Proxy Forms

Other AGM Information 

IAHA AGM 2018 Letter to Members

Draft AGM Minutes 30 November 2017

IAHA By laws for nomination and election

IAHA Ltd Constitution Endorsed 2 December 2016 (with mark-up proposed changes)


2019 IAHA Director Nominations

Nominations have now closed and we have received 9 nominations for the 5 positions available at the 2018 AGM.  Read the 8 written Director Nomination Statements below. 

Matthew Trindall

Sueanne Gola

Danielle Dries

Kiel Hennessy 

Elizabeth McEntyre

Tracy Hardy

Trevor Tirritpa Ritchie

Rikki Fischer 

Maddison Adams


Members who are not attending the AGM can submit a Proxy vote at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled AGM, 1 December 2018 at 8.30am. There fore Proxy votes will be accepted up to 8.30am 29 November 2018. Proxy forms can be found HERE.


IAHA Board Director roles and responsibilities

Nomination and Consent to be a Director


Student Representative Committee Nominations 

SRC Terms of Reference


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