2022 IAHA Blak Market Stallholders

Amanda Watts is a proud Kungarakan (NT Finniss River) woman who has taken inspiration from her Kungarakan, paperbark heritage to create products using natural and simple ingredients. 

Paperbark was used abundantly in ceremony by the Kungarakan people and Amanda hopes that her products will evoke the same level of love, care and respect our skin deserves. Paperbark trees like our skin are symbolic and a reflection of our inner beauty. All of Paperbark Love products are made in small batches to ensure authenticity and quality of product.

Find out more about Paperbark Love HERE.

Hi I’m a proud Aboriginal Barkindji/Malyangapa Nghuungku (woman) of the Barkindji people which runs along the Darling Barka (River) it stretches from 3 borders, from Queensland across to South Australia and down to Victoria. 

My lil business is called: Palirika Barka Jewelry & Handiwork

In Menindee NSW on The Darling Barka. I make Jewelry from what I can gather from my Ancestral homeland to make jewelry I use what mother nature provides.  I weave, use mussel shells, Echidna quills, emu/bird feathers, gum-nuts, quondong seeds, and much more. I hope you like the jewelry as much as I love making them.

Find out more about Palirika Barka Jewelry HERE.

Handcrafted, Elegant, Personal Care Products Infused In Australian Native Bush Magic.  Products include various styles of soaps, bath tea, bath bombs, healing balm, face Mask’s, face and body mists, and gemstone candles.

Find out more about Jyelah Mind & Body HERE.

Indigo Chic Bags use a large selection of different types of fabric from Aboriginal art, recycled denim, kangaroo leather, suede, leather, cork leather, vinyl 100% cotton. Indigo Chic Bags supports and promotes Aboriginal business by sourcing authentic First Nations fabrics. It is important to Indigo Chic Bags that the fabric with Aboriginal art is authentic and the artist is recognized and the artist story is heard.

Find out more about Indigo Chic Bags HERE.

Larry Brandy is a Wiradjuri man from Condobolin, central New South Wales who has been storytelling and performing in schools and preschools for over 25 years. In his performances children become kangaroos, emus and hunters as they learn how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hunted and found food in traditional times. Larry uses real artefacts as well as animal masks to involve the children.

Find out more about Larry Brandy, Aboriginal Storyteller HERE.

Established in 2018 Yarrudhamarra Creations is an Aboriginal owned and family operated business who is passionate about Reconciliation between the broader community and our Nations First People. 

Yarrudhamarra is taken from the Wiradjuri language meaning “Dream” that captures the true essence of Yarrudhamarra Creations, which underpins our mission to make dreams into reality by connecting people through Aboriginal Art and Culture. 

 Yarrudhamarra Creations is passionate about painting that reflects on our own personal stories and supporting each other in our unique journey of Reconciliation. Through all our creations our art has been a powerful medium for healing intergenerational trauma. Colours mean everything to us, as they lift the energy in the room and have the power to make people feel something to connect deeply with a story your trying to convey. We endeavour to uplift, inspire and bring light that holds an enduring message for Reconciliation for past, present and the future where we can meet collaborate and grow. 

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment to listen to, to learn from and to increase awareness and understanding. Our goal is to ignite new ways to creatively help others re-invent their life. To shine big and bright and make the world a better place. We took our creative gifts, pain and losses, our mess, our flaws, and our art and turned them into a purpose and a passion. We want to give others the same permission to Dream. Achieve. Inspire.

Find out more about Yarrudhamarra Creations HERE.

We blend modern Permaculture Design Principles, Community and Public Health Nutrition, and Nutrition Counselling, Science and Therapies with Indigenous Knowledges and Philosophies to deliver a unique, inclusive and empowered learning experiences. We hope to fuel wonder! We seek to support you with any health and wellbeing intentions you may have set yourself and provide suggestions on where to source information. This will allow us to deepen our appreciation and understandings as well as expand our worldviews.

Let’s yarn and learn together through my personalised, holistic and culturally-centred approach to food, food environments, meal patterns, eating habits, health and wellbeing. 

Find out more about Wattleseed Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing HERE.

Information on Curringa Communications coming soon.