Beyondblue Campaign launch: Stop. Think. Respect.

beyondblue is launching a new national anti-discrimination campaign – Stop. Think. Respect. – on 29 July.

Highlighting the impact of racism on the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the campaign’s key message is that subtle or ‘casual’ racism is just as harmful as more overt forms. Stop. Think. Respect. encourages everyone in Australia to check their behaviour.

In developing the campaign, beyondblue carried out extensive research and consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We’ve also been guided by an advisory group, comprising a mix of representatives from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, other organisations, and individuals with specific knowledge and expertise.

The campaign will run for six weeks across television, digital and outdoor advertising channels. If you’d like to join the conversation on social media, we’ll be using #StopThinkRespect from 29 July.

You can read more about the background to Stop. Think. Respect. here

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