Consumer Advisory Committee Role

Role description
Description of tasks 1. and activities

The role of the SSHC Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) is to contribute to the health and wellbeing of people who currently,
or may in the future, access sexual health services in the SESLHD. The Committee will achieve this by ensuring a clear and diverse consumer voice and community perspective is at the
centre of everything we do and integrated into all programs and services provided by SSHC.

The Consumer/community member of the CAC will provide an informed consumer/community perspective to the proposed programs and service changes discussed during the CAC. The
consumer/community member will be an advocate for the consumer experience of health care and/or represent a broad view of the communities’ strengths and healthcare needs related
to sexual health (including preventive healthcare).

2. Key responsibilities
Advising the CAC on the best way to ensure consumers/community members have appropriate opportunities to engage and participate in the planning,
design, implementation and evaluation of health services and programs. The role of the consumer/community member encompasses the following but is not limited to:

Advocating for the whole consumer experience when being made aware of the importance of accessing sexual health services
Advocating for the disadvantaged and marginalised members of the community
Assisting in identifying gaps in service coordination and integration
Identifying where there are gaps with groups that may access the service who do not have a voice that is being heard e.g. with marginalised groups
Advocating for the testing of programs which address local solutions that strengthen the communities’ resilience, health and wellbeing
Preparing for meetings including reading/interpretation of meeting papers and contributing to any reporting.
Participating in sub-committees, project working groups or working parties, as required.
Maintaining confidentiality and disclosure of conflicts of interest in line with the SESLHD Code of Conduct
Being reliable and responsible and willing to commit time to attending scheduled meetings
Undertaking offered education and training to assist in fulfilling the role (this will not be financially reimbursed)
Attending at least three (out of a total of four) formal CAC meetings each year


Tom Munro

Social Media and Consumer Engagement Officer

Sydney Sexual Health Centre

Level 3, Nightingale Wing, Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital, Macquarie St, Sydney 2001

P: 0428 147 630 I F: (02) 9382 7475 I

September 17, 2020


Posted by: Jordyn Townsend