IAHA 2015 HealthFusion Team Challenge

IAHA 2015 HealthFusion Team Challenge


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Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA), a national not for profit, member-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander allied health organisation, recently held its 2015 HealthFusion Team Challenge (HFTC) 28 – 29 November 2015 in Cairns in conjunction with its 2015 National Conference.

The IAHA 2015 HFTC is a fun and interactive learning experience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health students designed to educate the nation’s next generation of health care professionals in collaborative client care. Participating in the IAHA 2015 HFTC provided Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health students with opportunities to experience working in an interprofessional team to solve problems and determine the best care for a person with complex care needs.

Participating this year were 36 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Exercise Science / Physiology, Health Science – OT Pathway, Medicine, Mental Health, Nutrition & Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Oral Health, Osteopathy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Psychology, Social Work and Speech Pathology.

Students were allocated into interprofessional teams and over two days (28-29 November 2015), with the guidance of profession Mentors, each team developed a management plan which reflected best practice for a complex case study. During the Heats, each team presented their plan to a panel of expert Judges and responded to a number of extension questions and activities under timed conditions. The Judges then had the daunting task of selecting only two teams to progress to the Final Showdown where they re-presented their management plans and responded to an extension question. The judges chose ‘Sunkist’ and ‘Shark Bait IAHA’ to battle it out at the Final Showdown in front of over 200 delegates at the IAHA 2015 National Conference.

And the IAHA 2015 HFTC Champions are… ‘Shark Bait IAHA’!!!

A big congratulations to Elainah (Social Work), Nathan (Mental Health), Jacinta (Exercise Science), Tahnee (Occupational Therapy), Simone (Speech Pathology) and Brylie (Medicine) who made up the winning interdisciplinary team and were judged to have demonstrated the greatest mastery of teamwork and communication throughout the course of the event. These six inspirational students truly embodied the concept of interprofessional collaboration – overcoming obstacles and working together to take out the title of IAHA 2015 HFTC Champions.

Well done to all IAHA 2015 HFTC participants who positively contributed to team activities, demonstrating respect for and actively collaborating with the diverse disciplines represented within their interdisciplinary teams.

The IAHA HealthFusion Team Challenge gave me an opportunity to work closely with and learn about other health professions in an Indigenous context. This experience allowed me to develop a strong sense of personal value and confidence. It reignited my own passion and vision for the future. The structure of the team challenge promoted the development and/or enhancement of skills such as, working in teams, communication, problem solving, public speaking, and case management. It supported a holistic health care methodology.
IAHA 2015 HFTC participant

It was incredible to meet students from a range of backgrounds and life experiences who were succeeding in their tertiary studies.  This sort of experience builds personal and professional partnerships that we will be able to carry on throughout our lives.

IAHA 2015 HFTC Participant