New Report: The value of Indigenous sight – An economic analysis

Download full report here.

In 2012 the University of Melbourne’s Indigenous Eye Health Unit launched The Roadmap to Close the Gap for Vision. The Roadmap is a call to action and practical program of recommendations to close the gap for Indigenous eye health. It shows that current eye care services and programs are not effectively addressing a number of eye problems for Indigenous Australians – all of which are treatable or preventable with the right care.

PwC and PwC’s Indigenous Consulting (PIC) worked with the University of Melbourne to estimate the economic benefits of implementing the Roadmap’s recommendations. The aim of the report was to test the hypothesis that the potential economic benefits to be gained from the implementation of the Roadmap’s recommendations substantially outweigh the additional funding required. The report compares the costs and benefits of current eye care services and programs with those of the additional strategies and activities recommended by the Roadmap. The analysis by PWC and The University of Melbourne showed that:

  • the potential benefits of investing in the Roadmap will substantially outweigh the costs of the additional funding required: the implementation of the Roadmap’s recommendations could close the gap in Indigenous eye health and generate over $550 million in benefits for the Australian economy, at a cost of $230 million
  • the implementation of the Roadmap’s recommendations will increase the efficiency of government investment in Indigenous eye care. Currently, for every dollar invested in Indigenous eye care,  the return in benefits to the Australian economy is estimated to be only $0.90. However, for every additional dollar invested in the Roadmap’s recommendations, it is estimated $2.50 will be generated for the Australian economy.

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