Representing IAHA

Volunteering for IAHA

Our volunteers attend community events, career expos, job market expos, schools and universities to promote allied health careers. They share their personal stories and experiences about how they are studying for, or how they have created, a career in allied health.

If you want to make a difference and inspire others by talking about your achievements, challenges and how you overcame them, then become an IAHA volunteer.

When we attend large events, a staff member attends with volunteers. We set up a stall and display our promotional materials which include rulers, hats, stress balls, pens, boomerangs, stickers, pedometers, posters, USBs for university students and adults, lanyards and drink bottles. Our staff member will take you through the promotional information and provide scripts for frequently asked questions. Then as students, parents, teachers and community members approach the stall you can engage them.

For local functions such as school career days we will probably not attend. However, we can support you by sending a pack of promotional materials, taking you through the information and providing scripts to respond to frequently asked questions. You can request the promotional material for your local event. We will then contact you and organise what to send. We try to address everyone’s needs by creating the most relevant promotional pack for your event.

If you are over 18 years of age and would like to take up this personally and professionally rewarding opportunity you can submit the form below to register your interest: