Our Workshops

The most effective workshops we have found are with groups of no more than 30 participants (generally around 20 – 25 attendees) to ensure active participation in activities and discussions throughout the whole group and within smaller table discussions.  Each workshop will be contextualized to the work environment and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing needs.  It will also build on the local cultural knowledge, awareness and development that employees may have or have already undertaken. Local and regional perspectives are vital to the program and is prepared specifically for each organisation conducting the workshops.   The best time frame for delivery with the most impact is over two day  period as this allows time to really dive deeply into all areas of complex reflection as well as being able to unpack the key capabilities.  The second day of the workshop can then be utilised to plan out a framework for the individual as well as the organisation to be used as an action plan to put into place and monitor immediately.

After a consultation with one of our training team members we can discuss how much time you can arrange for training, how many participants you would like to attend and the kind of outcomes you feel you need to address.  We can then tailor within a two day or a one day workshop according to your needs.  As mentioned previously we take a lot of time and care to personalise the training to your local area knowledge and industry requirements.  For a more detailed discussion on the format of our workshops please feel free to contact us at admin@iaha.com.au or call us on (02) 6285 1010

We also run public sessions in a variety of locations across the country and we are working on an event calendar to be available soon so you can book in as an individual.  Until then it’s best to drop us an email and let us know you are interested in attending as an individual student so we can book you in manually and let you know the nearest training venue to your location.

Workshop Format

Some critical areas of discussion that each workshop will focus on:

  • dominant cultures, and centrality of culture in health and wellbeing;
  • cultural safety and why we need action to build culturally safe and responsive care;
  • engagement and inclusiveness in our community and government ways of working including decision making;
  • pro-activity in action – reforming systems and ways of thinking, collective action as a government department;
  • leadership and shared aspirations driving action in a strengths-based approach;
  • best practice approaches within government, ongoing learning with reflective practice embedded;
  • ongoing support and development for cultural responsiveness and individuals’ personal learning journey and their commitment to reform and change when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities and organisations.

Of course we unpack our Framework considerably and deliver the core components of the key capabilities and our theory of change.

We also offer specific pre & post evaluations to measure the depth of our deliverables as well as offering a cultural responsive mentoring program designed specifically to action change.

Student testimonials

‘Examples given, and the breadth covered despite time’

‘Amazing expansion of insight in such a short time’

‘It provided an expanded way of thinking about cultural safety in my practice. I didn’t expect to learn new things but did.’

‘Learning to recognise tokenism & how we can offer more authentic service.’

‘Encouraging self-reflection’

‘Great workshop, well done’

‘I could have listened all day, thank you Kylie that was great’

‘it was fabulous’