Board Nominee Sue Green

Meet Sue Green

Yuwindhu Dyudyan Garbargarbar, Galari Wiradyuri yinaa, Biira-gu-bu Yilaaydya-gu-bu Yuluwidya-gu-bu garingun, Bala-dhu ngama Yandru-gu-bu Danyal-gu-bu Yalidya-gu-bu. Bala-dhu gunhinarrum-bu badhiin-bu galingabangbur-guliyagu. Baladhu Girramaa Marramaldhaany. Ngadhu yalmambili Wiradyuri-dyi gari-dyi.

My name is Susan Green, Galari (Lachlan river clan), Wiradjuri (nation) woman, grand-daughter to Vera, Eliza and Louisa and mother to Andrew, Daniel and Alicia, and grandmother to their children. I am a social worker. I teach Wiradyuri truth.

Professor Sue Green is currently living in a small rural village between Wagga Wagga and Albury. She is the Course Director of the Graduate Certificate Wiradjuri Language, Culture and Heritage at CSU and is also the elected Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Representative on the Board of Australian Association of Social Work (AASW), where she is also the chair of the Reconciliation Action Plan working group and sits on the National Ethics Committee.

Sue has been teaching and researching about social work practice and education, Indigenous Australian history and welfare, colonisation and decolonisation, Indigenous and Decolonising methodologies and Indigenous Australian social and cultural well-being. She is particularly focused on the role of culture in wellbeing within Indigenous communities and for Indigenous people.

Furthermore, Sue has for many years worked within Indigenous education (both tertiary and secondary) to ensure that Indigenous communities have Indigenous professionals from their communities working within their communities. Sue particularly works to ensure that research that is undertaken is co-designed and co-lead with the community. For her work within Indigenous research with Social Work, she was awarded IAHA’s Contribution to Research in 2020.

Sue is committed all areas of IAHA’s work and has particular interest in research, education and training and workforce development for areas of Indigenous Allied Health. Sue’s brings with her experiences of being a member of various Indigenous and community boards and committees as well as her roles in Language and Culture education and within the AASW along with her interest and experience which provides her with knowledge and insight into the vision and activities of IAHA.