Training and Development

IAHA seeks feedback from members and stakeholders to ensure they deliver training and development programs that meet the needs of the allied health workforce, broader health workforce and related sectors, including disability, aged care, community services, education and public service.

IAHA training is centred around Cultural Safety and Mentoring with specific training targeted at action and transformation of an individual, organisation, institution or service to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families and communities.

Cultural Safety is critical to accessing appropriate, available, affordable and acceptable health care that is determined as safe from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have the right to access to health care, education and employment that is equitable and safe with cultural recognised and valued as a central and critical part of their care.

IAHA has developed three fundamental training and professional development streams to contribute to professional development and transformation of the health system: Mentoring, Cultural Responsiveness in Action and Cultural Responsiveness Mentoring.