November 2018, IAHA held the first-ever International Indigenous Allied Health Strategic Forum.

IAHA has developed strong connections and relationships with international First nation groups that share our vision and priorities in building, supporting and leading allied health workforce development.

IAHA has presented at numerous international conferences to build the profile of IAHA and share the activities and approaches IAHA is taking in supporting our members, growing the allied health workforce, and interprofessional education and learning. IAHA invites an International First Nations speaker to national events in attending these conferences. We continue to meet and change the conversation from a deficit discourse to a strengths-based narrative and successes with culture and cultural safety at the centre of what we aim to achieve.

IAHA held the first International Indigenous Allied Health Forum in Sydney 2018, with delegates attending from Hawaii, Canada, New Zealand and Borneo, including graduates and students. In addition, the international First nation students participated in their first Indigenous Health Fusion Team Challenge with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student members. Their participation was supported by their graduates and support team throughout, with everyone gaining lifetime friends, networks, a wealth of knowledge backed by professional and cultural exchange.

IAHA has developed a collaboration with our international partners and continues working on new activities and projects.

International Partnership

IAHA and Nga Pou Mana have engaged in a formal partnership commencing in 2020 to work collaboratively on building our allied health workforce through shared successes, building our networks and support base and effecting change in the national and international space.