The IAHA Leadership Program

The IAHA Leadership Program has been designed to promote a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership, cultural governance, advocacy, influencing others, community development and Nation building approaches. Guided by Indigenous ways of working, including knowing, being and doing, the program develops the attributes and skills to become an effective, culturally responsive Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander leader. The program creates opportunities and a willingness for participants to confidently step forward with the knowledge and self-belief to address the multi-faceted challenges that leadership roles present.

The program engages IAHA participants in conversations and culturally centred concepts with experiential leadership activities with the following five intended learning and development outcomes:

  1. Strengthen understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership from a dual cultural and professional perspective
  2. Develop personal leadership philosophy, leadership goals, aspirations and how to achieve them
  3. Apply key concepts and learnings to interpersonal and professional relationships
  4. Develop supportive and effective peer networks
  5. Strengthen skills and experiences of leadership in practice.

Read participants feedback on The Leadership Program

“I have learned that being an effective leader requires me to be clear about what leadership style I have and want and to work on improving my skills to allow me to lead with respect of others”

“This course has confirmed my approach to be an inclusive leader and to support community development approaches and self determination”

“I’ve increased my understaning of culturally responsive leadership in continuing strength based approaches to leading a vision for change in nutrition and confirming my position to lead by example”

“I’ve enjoyed the community development practical examples and the resources that have been shared to further develop my leadership from a cultural perspective. Meeting other young leaders has also been a highlight to see what they might do going forward”

“I feel I have grown as a person, both personally and professionally. The program has helped me to understand my leadership skills and where my skills are lacking. The program has helped me grow my confidence in asking questions, and public speaking”

“I have enjoyed meeting so many inspirational people within the program working in healthcare and being led by amazing people who are so passionate about the work that they do”