IAHA Consulting is the commercial arm of Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA). Through our work in the health sector we have developed a unique methodology around cultural safety and responsiveness that will be of value to any individual, government entity, education institution, NGO or corporation looking to transform the way they work with and deliver services and programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

IAHA Consulting delivers cultural safety training through the IAHA Cultural Responsiveness Framework (the Framework).  IAHA Cultural Responsiveness training is action orientated and takes a strength-based perspective.  The IAHA Framework is based on introducing workshop participants to key capabilities that aim to strengthen cultural capabilities of individuals, organisations and systems in order to make practical changes in one’s thinking, behaviour and practice.  It is interactive and centres around three driving principles ‘what do we need to know, who do we need to be and how do we transform behaviours and systems in order to be culturally safe and responsive. The training is delivered and focused on the ‘HOW TO and ACTION’ with key capabilities supporting individual, team, organisational and/or systems transformation.

Other areas IAHA Consulting can assist with include:

  • Consultation and advice: our team has a wealth of experience in regards to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing outcomes in particular but also more broadly in the cultural safety, workforce and community development.
    We are often in demand to participate in steering committees, planning days, policy review processes and more. Talk to us about how you can benefit from our expertise and experience.
  • Curriculum development: IAHA Consulting can assist education institutions and others to develop culturally responsive curriculum that ensures graduates are skilled to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities while also ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can learn and achieve in a safe space.
  • Mentoring training: If you are looking to establish mentoring programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, graduates, students, stakeholders or other we can assist you to develop culturally responsive programs.