Meet our Board Nominees

Below are the nominees for the IAHA Board and the IAHA NT Board of Directors


Clinton Schultz, Patricia Councillor, Anthony Paulson and Lauren Hutchinson.


There were no nominees received for the NTWD Board.

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Clinton Schultz

Clinton Schultz is a Gamilaraay man and registered psychologist with a keen interest in holistic wellness, particularly the wellness of workers in health and community services. Clinton’s PhD is titled: Winanga-li-gu (Higher order listening), Guwaa-li-gu (higher order speaking), Maruma-li-gu (higher order healing) Factors of holistic wellbeing for members of the Aboriginal health and community workforce.  Clinton received the award for academic excellence in a thesis from Griffith University for this work.  He is the Director First Nations Strategy and Partnerships with Blackdog Institute, and Co-founder of Sobah Beverages.

Patricia Councillor

My name is Patricia Councillor, I am a Naaguja Yamaji Nyarlu from the midwest of Western Australia, currently residing in Geraldton which is a rural farming and fishing community.

I have been involved with IAHA since 2012 and first met Donna around 2011 when she gave a talk at Charles Sturt University that I attended at the time.

I have worked in community over 30 years , from government to non government and ACCO and ACCHO. My passion for helping my community is what drives me.

My qualified and accredited field is mental mental health and social and emotional wellbeing.

I come from a family of 11, of which I am the middle child and we were raised to care for each other and our community and to do so with respect.

I have been a director on a couple of occasions this far and I feel what I can offer the organisation and all you members is such a great deal of experience. I can sit at the board meetings and be involved in robust conversations about Allied health for our mob and encourage and mentor the younger generations that are up and coming in the allied health space.

The meetings are long at times, but in the end are worth it to do the right thing as representatives of the organisation.

I’m not just someone who sits and agrees with everything, I question and clarify and I enjoy conversations with members when given the chance. I am not backward in coming forward in speaking up for better health and better opportunities for all our mobs.

Anthony Paulson

Anthony Paulson is a proud Aboriginal man and his people are Worimi and Mununjali people. He is a saltwater man from the Mid North Coast of NSW in Taree.

Anthony has experience working in an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS) setting and extensive experience working with community in both government and non-government roles in rural and remote locations within NSW.

Anthony thoroughly enjoys working in the education and training space with different stakeholders and learning from different communities and his Elders.

In 2017, Anthony joined GP Synergy as the Manager of the Aboriginal Cultural Education Unit and enjoys the diversity the role brings.  

Anthony has several tertiary and post graduate qualifications. Anthony recently successfully completed a master of business administration and Australian Institute of Company Directors course.

Anthony understands the responsibility that accompanies occupying board and senior positions and knows his decisions are always made in the best interest of IAHA members and the IAHA company. 

Lauren Hutchinson

Lauren is a Murrawarri woman and optometrist, born and raised on Wiradjuri country in the central west of NSW. She graduated from her Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Optometry from QUT in 2017, following which, she returned to the central west, now residing back on the beautiful lands of the Wiradjuri people once again, in Parkes.

Lauren has worked as an optometrist both in private practice and within the community controlled sector as well as as a project officer with the Fred Hollows Foundation. She is a current sitting member of the Optometry Australia Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Eye Health Advisory Committee, the Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand’s Indigenous Taskforce Strategy and the National Experts Group on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Eye Health as well as a visiting fellow at QUT. Lauren has been an active member of IAHA since 2015.

Laurens passions are in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, rural and remote and paediatric health and is committed to advocating for improving outcomes for her people in these spaces. 

In her spare time you can find Lauren on a hockey field or fishing on the Galari (Lachlan River).

Watch Lauren’s video HERE.