IAHA National Conference Sponsorship

Become a Sponsor at the 2024 IAHA National Conference

Delegates will be engaged via a strategic campaign that capitalises on IAHA’s industry partnerships nationally, as well as a targeted communications campaign involving print and online advertising through Indigenous and health-related publications, websites, and social media. As part of a comprehensive and effective marketing plan, sponsorship can provide many positive results. Benefits include:

  • Exposure to a national audience within the allied health and Indigenous health spaces Recognition including acknowledgement and demonstration of your support for culturally responsive partnerships
  • Promotion of your organisation’s services, opportunities and/or products
  • Opportunity to raise your company profile amongst a valuable target audience during this conference
  • Expansion of relationships and extend your networks with government, business and Indigenous health
  • Learning first-hand about the emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander allied health workforce
  • Inclusion in targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increase attraction of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce, partners and/or client base
  • Building knowledge of culturally safe and responsive action

The 2024 IAHA National Conference and events provides many opportunities for sponsorship participation and is in no way limited. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your marketing objectives and any further ideas you may have on individual sponsorship.

You can view our sponsors for the 2024 IAHA National Conference below.


Barrandhang (Koala)


Wambuwuny (Grey Kangaroo)

Wirrang (Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby)

Wilay (Brush Tailed Possum)



Biladurang (Platypus)



Wandayali (Echidna)

Gugubarra (Kookaburra)

Dinawan (Emu)


Multiple Scholarships