2019 HealthFusion Team Challenge

Applications now open and scholarships now available!

The IAHA HFTC is a fun and interactive learning experience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health students designed to educate the nation’s next generation of health care professionals in collaborative client care. Participating in the IAHA HFTC provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health students with opportunities to experience working in an interprofessional team to solve problems and determine the best care for a person with complex care needs.

Students will be allocated into interprofessional teams and over three days (20-22 September 2019), with the guidance of profession Mentors, each team develops a management plan which reflects best practice for a complex case study. During the Heats, each team presents their plan to a panel of expert Judges and responds to a number of extension questions and activities under timed conditions. The Judges then select two teams to progress to the Final Showdown where they re-present their management plans and responded to an extension question in front of delegates at the IAHA 2019 10 Year Anniversary National Conference.

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