2019 HealthFusion Team Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 IAHA Health Fusion Team Challenge (IAHA HFTC)  the “Proppa Ones”which was made up of team members: Nerida Riley (Exercise Science, Curtin University), Jared Merritt (Nursing, Flinders University), Cheyenne Gamble (Occupational Therapy, James Cook University), Samara Fernandez (Psychology, University of South Australia) and Melissa Parter (Social Work, Central QLD University).

The IAHA HFTC was held in Darwin in the lead up to the IAHA 10 Year Anniversary National Conference from 20th – 23rd September 2019. The Challenge involved 35 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health students across 12 disciplines. 

Here’s what some of the students had to say about the HFTC:

“Ï knew what support services the allied health professionals had in their expertise to support my patient and it enabled me to be a stronger, better person. I thank Kylie and the whole team for this safe space and I certainly know that this journey goes with us for many years to come” – Olivia Hermman, HFTC Student

“Not feeling culturally accepted in my own skin was my biggest issue and walking in to a room and having no one judge you because you’re Aboriginal is the best feeling and I cannot thank IAHA enough for running this program” – Skye Anderson, HFTC Student.
“My highlight of the conference was definitely having the opportunity to travel as part of my degree and again, meet an amazing group of students who all have different cultural experiences but the same cultural values as me. Spending the majority of my time with them day in day out allowed me to build friendships and connection that I will value for the rest of my life” –  Sahamar Ruben, HFTC Student and Scholarship Recipient

IAHA will be holding the 2020 IAHA HealthFusion Team Challenge (HFTC) with the IAHA National Conference (details to be confirmed) so watch this space for announcements and information on how you can apply.


The HFTC is a fun and interactive experience where you will participate in a clinical, cultural, educational, and interprofessional major event where you will meet and learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from across Australia. 

The best health outcomes for the many and increasing number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with complex or chronic healthcare needs often depends on effective teamwork and collaboration between various healthcare professionals with different skills and knowledge. The HFTC aims to develop this important capability prior to graduation in a way that is culturally safe, responsive, transformative, and fun.

The HFTC is an extracurricular competition for university students from the health and medical professions. It provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in teamwork and collaboration as they develop a health care management plan in response to a complex Indigenous case study.



IAHA HFTC co-ordinators will allocate the participants into teams of between 5-6 people. Each team will be made of a range of different health disciplines, year levels and experience with previous HFTCs or similar events. Teams will work independently on their management plans with the assistance of a panel of health professional and cultural mentors and selected hardcopy resources.

All teams then come together during the Heats to present their health care management plans to an audience and our expert panel of judges before responding to a range of unseen challenging extension questions and reflection exercises, under timed conditions. Based on these two assessment items (presentation and extensions), the Judging panel will choose the teams to go through to the Final Showdown.

Teams will be announced during a welcome and networking dinner where all teams will receive a copy of the case study at the same time.



  • Case Study: Everyone gets the same case study at the same time.
  • Presentation preparation: All teams work on developing a response to the case study. You will have preparation time allocated throughout the day/s
  • Mentoring: All teams get time with the same mentors while they work on their management plan. You will have 1 session with graduate profession-based mentors Student mentors will be available throughout the challenge for individual support and provide advice on competing in the HFTC.
  • Heats: All teams present their management plan and respond to a number of extension activities and questions. This is judged by a panel of health related judges
  • The Final: The judges will then determine the top two teams from the Heats to compete for the 2019 IAHA HFTC title. PLEASE NOTE AS THE FINAL SHOWDOWN IS PRESENTED DURING THE 2019 IAHA NATIONAL CONFERNECE ALL HFTC PARTICIPANTS WILL BE REQURED TO ATTEND THE CONFERNECE.



Please contact the IAHA office on phone: +612 62851010 or email: admin@iaha.com.au for further information.