Australian Bureau of Statistics Released: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people health data

We’re pleased to advise that detailed state and territory tables and facts sheets using data from the 2018-19 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey (cat. no. 4715.0) are now available on the ABS website.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from all states and territories living in both non-remote and remote areas participated in the survey, providing information on their health and well-being.

There are eight data cubes accompanying this release (for each state and territory), containing information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ self-assessed health, use of health services, health conditions, lifestyle risk factors, physical measurements and dietary indicators. Complimenting the data and available for download are summary results for all states and territories, packaged separately as a detailed and pictorial fact sheet.

Also released are regional modelled estimates, providing information by Indigenous Region and Primary Health Network. These can be found in the Downloads tab and cover a range of health areas including long-term health conditions, risk factors and social and emotional well-being indicators. An Appendix also accompanies the modelled regional data.

More data from the Survey will be published over the course of the year.

If you have any queries about the information released, please email us on

July 1, 2020


Posted by: Renae Kilmister