Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. As an IAHA Member, why should I volunteer to represent IAHA?

A. Everyone has stories and personal experiences that they can share with others including school students, university students, community members or organisations on:

  • their journey into health; or
  • their education and schooling ; or
  • reasons for going into an allied health field; or
  • promoting how health careers can make a difference in communities and to individuals lives.

Q2. How will I know what to say and do?

A. IAHA will provide support to members volunteering at events. This may include:

  • a script of the key messages IAHA is promoting;
  • support person will attend with you on most occasions;
  • a briefing on the event, location and the target audience prior to the event ; and
  • IAHA resources will be available with additional information.

Q3. Will I be paid for attending events?

A. No. Volunteers will not be paid a wage for attending but will be covered for all travel, accommodation, meals and out of pocket expenses that may be incurred.

Q4. How will volunteering benefit me as an allied health student or professional?

A. Volunteering on behalf of IAHA at events can assist in:

  • building leadership and confidence in an individual;
  • giving you more experience in talking to new people and learning new things;
  • providing an opportunity to gain skills in public speaking and networking;
  • providing an opportunity for you to contribute something back to community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students; and
  • contributing to your studies or professional development needs.
  • Providing experiences to add to your CV.

Q5. How do I show my interest in becoming a volunteer?

A. Just fill out the Volunteer Now form and submit to the IAHA Secretariat and they will contact you about opportunities that arise. You can also contact IAHA to discuss further with a staff member. For contact details click here.

Q6. How many times would I need to attend events throughout the year?

A. You only attend the events that you prioritise and wish to commit to.

Q7. How long am I expected to attend on a day?

A. Hours will be negotiated with you. Generally, most community events are from around 10am – 3pm weekdays but on occasion there are events held on weekends that are usually larger like sporting events, conferences and festivals. If you are interested in attending conference trade stalls they may be longer hours from around 8am – 5pm.

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