Celebrating 2023 Dietitians Week with IAHA Member Amelia Mckenzie

My name is Amelia Mckenzie, I’m a proud Adnyamathanha and Arabana woman, from Port Augusta, South Australia. I’m currently based in Adelaide, studying Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University. I am a part-time student completing 3rd year topics.

I decided to pursue Dietetics, firstly, because I am a foodie, I enjoy cooking and eating a wide variety of foods, and of course, I am incredibly passionate about health. I have witnessed the impact that diet can have on health, especially in Aboriginal communities, which made me determined to enter this field so I can provide best, culturally safe care to mob. I particularly want to work in community settings to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent diet-related chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes or heart disease.

I believe dietitians have a crucial role in health, providing individuals and communities with specialised diet support that can; reduce or manage chronic disease; encourage the enjoyment of food, and its connection to culture, family and personal preference or values; be suited to socioeconomic status and day-to-day importance’s; support other areas of health, like promoting exercise and physical and mental wellbeing (at professions own scope). I believe all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities should have adequate access to dietetics services, education, and related resources, to support good health.

I’m privileged that I had the opportunity to do an internship at the Broome Renal Health Centre at the beginning of this year, where I interacted with a range of staff in the workspace, including dietitians, nurses, podiatrists, renal health educators, and more. A significant message I took away, was that all allied health roles are essential in supporting health. This is important to me because I’m reminded that while my own role as a dietitian will be crucial, team effort and working effectively with other professionals can enhance healthcare delivery and outcomes- and ultimately, ensure patients are supported in the best way possible.

March 22, 2023


Posted by: Renae Kilmister

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