Coalition of Peaks National Agreement

The new National Agreement is a pledge from all governments to change the way they work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations through four Priority Reforms.

The Priority Reforms commit governments to shared decision-making on closing the gap with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the country; strengthening community-controlled organisations to deliver closing the gap services; addressing structural racism within government agencies and organisations; and improving the sharing of data and information with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to support shared decision making. 

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Resources can be downloaded below

New National Agreement FAQs

Highlights of new National Agreement on Closing the Gap

How outcomes of engagements were included in new National Agreement

The Coalition of Peaks came together in early 2019 because we were fed up with the way governments were working with our organisations and people. We don’t speak for everyone, but we knew we needed to do what we could to change how governments were going about Closing the Gap.  

There is a big difference in what governments alone were prepared to commit to in December 2018 and where we are now on Closing the Gap. That change has come about because of the work of the Coalition of Peaks and the support of our communities and organisations.

The negotiations were hard fought and the National Agreement needs to be implemented in full.

It doesn’t include everything that is needed for our people. The Coalition of Peaks will keep pushing governments and making them accountable!

IAHA Media Release is available for download here

July 30, 2020

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