2018 International Indigenous HealthFusion Team Challenge

Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) will be hosting the 2018 International Indigenous HealthFusion Team Challenge (HFTC) from 1 – 3 December 2018 in Sydney Australia.

The HFTC is a fun and interactive experience where you will participate in a clinical and cultural major event where you will meet and learn from Indigenous and First Nation University students from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA.

The International Indigenous HFTC will be held after the 2018 IAHA International Indigenous Allied Health Forum focused on international allied health workforce development to meet the needs of Indigenous and First Nation peoples. The best health outcomes for an Indigenous people with complex or chronic health care needs often depends on effective teamwork and collaboration among various healthcare professionals bringing together different skills and knowledge.

The HFTC aims to develop this important capability prior to graduation in a way that is culturally safe, responsive, transformative, and fun. The HFTC is an extracurricular competition for university students from the health and medical professions. It provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in teamwork and collaboration as they develop a healthcare management plan in response to a complex Indigenous case study.

How it works

IAHA and International HFTC co-ordinators will allocate the participants into Country based teams of between 5-6 people. Each team will be made of a range of different health disciplines, year levels and experience with previous HFTCs or similar events. Teams will work independently on their management plans, in context of their national health system, with the assistance of a panel of health professional mentors and selected hardcopy resources.

All teams then come together during the Heats to present their healthcare management plans to an audience and our expert panel of judges before responding to a range of unseen challenging extension questions and reflection exercises, under timed conditions. Based on these two assessment items (presentation and extensions), the Judging panel will choose the teams to go through to the Final Showdown.

Teams will be announced during a welcome and networking dinner where all teams will receive a copy of the case study at the same time. Following the dinner, it is the team’s job to work on a plan and develop a presentation in response to the case study.

A number of teamwork sessions are provided so that teams can work on their plan (however some teams choose to work on it out of hours too, but this is optional). Profession-specific mentors will be available for a few hours throughout the challenge for teams to be strategic in asking specific questions to help develop the plan. Teams will receive some general instructions on the details you should cover in the presentation and there will be people, student and graduate Mentors available to guide individuals and teams through the process.

Each team then presents their plan under an 8-minute time limit to an audience and panel of judges in the heats. Teams will also complete practical (and fun) extension activities and at least one extension question.

The two teams that demonstrate a mastery of teamwork, leadership and communication in the heats then go on to the Finals to compete in a Final Showdown.


If you have any questions please contact admin@iaha.com.au