The 2024 IAHA Markets

The 2024 IAHA National Conference will be hosting our IAHA Markets at the closing event on 11 December at the Adelaide Convention Centre. These markets will feature and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses to our delegates and the wider Community, by allowing First Nation peoples to showcase culture, in the way of displaying different items, products and the innovative ideas. 

Become a stall holder 

We are looking for stall holders! If you are an artist, designer, jewellery maker, if you make clothing, candles, soaps or write books – whatever your business we would love to have you as a stall holder. 

There will be no costs to be a part of our IAHA Markets, but any travel and accommodation will be at your own expense.  IAHA will provide 2x chairs, 1x trestle table, tablecloth, and advertising. There will be a limit to 2 people per stall.  

We do acknowledge and appreciate the support provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, however, the IAHA Market event is solely to showcase our First Nations People.