Members Annual General Meeting 2021

Details of the 2021 Annual General Meeting to Members

The 2021 annual general meeting of Indigenous Allied Health Australia Ltd ABN 42 680 384 985 (Company) was held on Thursday, 21 October 2021 from 12.00pm-2.30pm (Canberra, ACT time) by virtual online meeting using Zoom and an online voting system called TrueVote.

Nicole Turner, Kimberley Hunter, Kirrilaa Johnstone and Elizabeth McEntyre were elected to the IAHA Board of Directors, joining IAHA Deputy Chairperson Maddison Adams, Tirritpa Ritchie, Patty Councillor and Anthony Paulson.

The IAHA NT Workforce Development inaugural Board of Directors include: Dr Stephen Corporal (interim Chairperson), Celeste Brand, Anthony Paulson and Nicole Turner.