IAHA Events – Professional Development Scholarships

IAHA offers annual professional development scholarship to members to attend IAHA National events such as the National Conference and National Forum. These are key events on the IAHA calendar that bring together our members and stakeholders from across Australia, across diverse disciplines and from diverse culturally backgrounds to celebrate the achievements in allied health and Indigenous health. It supports members to showcase and share their work, experiences and stories in a culturally safe and responsive environment building their skills in presenting, public speaking and leadership.

“Attending the International Indigenous Allied Health Forum as a student was a fantastic experience… I was delighted to receive this opportunity as I am eager to learn as much as possible about inter-professional and culturally driven ways of addressing the health needs of our people. I had an opportunity to meet many other students from a variety of health disciplines, international colleagues from Canada and New Zealand as well as health professionals from various health disciplines.”
– Fiona Wright