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Corporate Documents 

2018 AGM Documents 

The 2018 IAHA Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 1 December 2018 in Sydney NSW. 


2018 AGM Documents 

Proxy forms can be completed and submitted at least 48 hours prior to the 2018 AGM, therefore 8:30 AM (AEDT) on 29 November 2017. For the proxy to log their individual resolution support/non support the Director (graduate) resolution form will need to be sent with the proxy form.  

To submit forms:


Fax: 02 6260 5581

Hand deliver to: The Secretary at the Mercure Sydney Hotel, 818-820 George St, Chippendale NSW 2007. 

Notice of 2018 IAHA AGM and Proxy Forms

Other AGM Information 

IAHA AGM 2018 Letter to Members

Draft AGM Minutes 30 November 2017

IAHA By laws for nomination and election

IAHA Ltd Constitution Endorsed 2 December 2016 (with mark-up proposed changes)


2019 IAHA Director Nominations

There are 5 Director (Graduate) positions to be filled at the 2018 AGM elections, from the existing Directors who nominate for re-election and any new candidates who nominate for election.

A retiring Director or a new candidate who wishes to nominate must complete the forms, “Nomination of Director” and “Consent to Become a Director of a Company”.

Only Graduate Full Members are eligible to be appointed as a Director. As Members nominate, their details and written statement will be posted to the Members only section of IAHA’s website. Nominations must be received by IAHA at least 10 Business Days (not including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in the ACT) prior to the AGM, therefore by Monday 19 November 2018.

IAHA Board Director roles and responsibilities

Nomination and Consent to be a Director


Student Representative Committee Nominations 

SRC Terms of Reference

IAHA Constitution

Click Here to access the IAHA Constitution

Membership Fact Sheet

Click Here to access the Membership Fact Sheet

IAHA Allied Health Definitions

Click Here to access IAHA’s endorsed Allied Health Definitions


Code of Conduct

Click Here to access IAHA’s Code of Conduct Policy 

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Click Here to access IAHA’s Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

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IAHA Student Members

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