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Members Cultural Safety and Racism Survey

Corporate Documents 

2017 AGM Documents 

The 2017 IAHA Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 30 November 2017 in Perth. 

2017 AGM Documents 

Proxy forms can be completed and submitted at least 48 hours prior to the 2017 AGM, therefore 11am (AWST) on 28 November 2017. For the proxy to log their indivual resolution support/non support the Director (graduate) resolution form will need to be sent with the proxy form.  

To submit forms:


Fax: 02 6260 5581

Hand deliver to: The Secretary at the Rendezvous Scarborough Hotel, Perth – 148 The Esplanade, Scarborough WA 6019.

Notice of 2017 IAHA AGM and Proxy Forms

Director (Graduate) Appointment Resolution Form  – This form allows Members who are appointing a proxy to direct their proxy on how to vote in the appointment resolutions for the candidates for the Director (Graduate) positions. Given that the number of candidates is less than the number of available positions, an election ballot is not required at the AGM. Instead, a resolution for the appointment of each candidate will be put to the Members at the AGM. Members who are attending the AGM do not need to complete this form, as they will vote by show of hands at the AGM

Other AGM Information 

IAHA AGM 2017 Letter to members

Draft AGM Minutes 2 December 2016

IAHA By laws for nomination and election


Members Forum Program for the Day

8.00am AGM Registration opens
8.30am AGM Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country
8.35am Members Forum Discussions 
11.00am Morning Tea
11.30am AGM
1.00pm Lunch
1:30-3:00pm Members Forum Discussions continued 
3.00pm Close

2018 IAHA Director Nominations for member voting ~ NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED ~

Patricia Councillor – 2018 IAHA Director Nomination

Nicole Turner – 2018 IAHA Director Nomination 

Stephen Corporal


Student Representative Committee Nominations 

2018 SRC Nomination Form 

SRC Terms of Reference


IAHA Constitution

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Membership Fact Sheet

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IAHA Allied Health Definitions

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Code of Conduct

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Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

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