IAHA is strongly vested in decolonising health research.  Many of the IAHA publications that are accessible on the IAHA website incorporate many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, perspectives and knowledges.

Usually when publications are cited, it is to give credit to the original source, establishes credibility that research has been carried out and allows the reader to find the original source of information.  IAHA will assist with the citation of IAHA material by providing citation advice to all new publications from 2020.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices and narratives are at the heart of culture, identity and strength.   To share someone’s story without due acknowledgement is breaking cultural protocol.  With deep respect to the people who have contributed to any IAHA written, video and auditory material, IAHA mandates, that any material from IAHA including websites, social media, conferences is acknowledged, referenced and credited appropriately.