Self Care Webinars

IAHA will be hosting a series of five self-care webinars over the coming weeks for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce in partnership with AIDA, CATSINaM and NATSIHWA to provide a place to connect and support self-care of our valuable and important workforce. These webinars will be held on the NSW Rural Doctors Network Rural Pro Platform.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members joins us for our first PD webinar – Distant Spiritual Healing with Tony and Trent Lee, Larrakia and Karrijari Healers.
Live Session Thursday 23rd April 2020
5:00pm Canberra time & 4:30pm Darwin time.
Tony Duwun Lee and Trent Bundirrik Lee will provide supports to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health workforce across allied health, medicine, nursing, midwifery, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Practitioners with spiritual healing from a distance.  Tony Duwun Lee, says, “Stress puts our health at risk.  We are passionate about the mob on the frontline and want to give the Aboriginal health workforce strategies to manage their stress.  Stress increases those hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin and we have spiritual ways of healing stress, that we want to share.”
Please note: This webinar will not be recorded.  

Save the Date for these 5 Webinars

Session 1: “Distant Spiritual Healing”

Date: Thursday 23rd April 2020 5:00pm EST

Presenters: Trent Bundirrik Lee and Tony Duwun Lee (cultural healers).


Session 2: “Social and Emotional Wellbeing for the National Aboriginal Health Workforce.” –

Date: Thursday 30th April 2020 3:00pm EST

Presenters: Clinton Shultz, Professor Pat Dudgeon


Session 3: “Staying strong in mind and body”

Date: Thursday 7th May 2020 TBA

Presenters: Nicole Turner & TBC


Session 4: “Staying deadly as a health professional”

Date: 14th May 2020

How do you carry out reflective practice and other tips?

Presenters: Kerry Arabena


Session 5: Trauma Informed Care date:

Date: 21st May 2020

Presenters: TBC