Tehanee Ansell

Tehanee Ansell

Hello, my name is Tehanee Ansell. My family is from Alice Springs and Western Australia, but I was born and raised in Darwin.

In 2020, I commenced as a School-based trainee with IAHA Group Training as part of the IAHA National Academy (NT). It was different from what I was doing in any other VET course. It was an opportunity to see If I wanted to pursue my career pathway in health. Being in this course has now got me wanting to pursue a career in health. I have had my mindset on midwifery because as soon as I started this course and was told that this could potentially help other professions, my mind was set on sonography. In Year 5/6, my teacher asked me, “what do you want to be when you grow up” my response was, “A doctor that looked after babies” I suppose ever since then when an opportunity opened, I took it so now I’ve taken one step to get closer to where I need to be.

Within the Academy, with the support of IAHA Group Training, I learnt a lot about the Allied Health sector. We went to a health expo to see other health professionals, and the team would bring in allied health professionals to hear about what they do and how they help in different ways. IAHA Group Training and the Academy team has supported me through a traineeship. They were considerate about the far living situation, which was a weight off my shoulders and helped me finish my traineeship.

IAHA Group Training was there to support me in my workplace, undertaking my on-the-job training at Danila Dilba and were there every step of the way helping me when I needed it. I enjoyed my time getting an insight into how the health industry works.

The highlight of my traineeship was the trip to the parliament house. I got to listen in on the session from the curator sharing stories about the Aboriginal flag and its history.

Since completing my traineeship, I have now gained full-time employment as a Dental assistant. However, IAHA still supports me, and I am looking forward to seeing where my future will take me.

My advice to other people is that sitting back feeling like you can’t do this is not the way to go about it. Instead, asking your mentors for help and putting yourself out there will create a guide for yourself to thrive through anything.

What makes me different from everyone else is that I am my own person. I like to do some things myself and am not afraid to ask for help in any given situation.