About the IAHA Mentoring Program

IAHA Mentoring Program

We welcome you to be a part of the IAHA Mentoring Program, a comprehensive and holistic package designed to support your personal and professional journey.

The IAHA Mentoring Program is comprised of:

  • a series of webinar videos
  • a comprehensive workbook containing a self-paced learning program
  • a mentoring agreement, which will be created and agreed upon by both mentoring partners, and sent to IAHA so that we can know how best to support you.
  • ongoing support from the IAHA secretariat 

Mentoring is an alliance or a mutually beneficial relationship between two or more people that can provide additional support and guidance in your personal journey or your ongoing professional development. Mentoring is a learning and empowerment tool rather than a teaching method.

The mentoring process assists individuals to reflect on their own experience and make informed decisions to solve problems and achieve their goals. Mentoring can value add and complement the support and assistance you may already receive.


This IAHA Mentoring Program workbook has been designed as a self-paced learning program which you can work through with your mentor/mentee or independently.

We strongly encourage you to read the information and complete the activities contained within the workbook, as it will greatly enhance you mentoring experience.

Webinar Series

The following webinar videos have been developed to assist you as you start and move forward in your mentoring journey. They are designed to assist you and your mentor/mentee to make the most of your mentoring partnership.

IAHA Mentoring Program Webinar 1
Preparing for your mentoring journey

Should you decide to enter into a mentoring partnership, the links to the second and third webinars will be sent to you by IAHA staff as you progress through your mentoring journey.

IAHA Mentoring Video

IAHA Mentoring Program Webinar 2
Starting your mentoring journey

IAHA Mentoring video 3

IAHA Mentoring Program Webinar 3
Keeping the momentum going

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