About Us

Indigenous Allied Health Australia Ltd. (IAHA) is a national not for profit, member based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander allied health organisation and endorsed charitable institution. IAHA is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), the independent national regulator of charities, and has deductable gift recipient (DGR) status. Click here to donate now.

IAHA was established in 2009, from a network of committed allied health professionals and in 2013 registered as a company under the Corporations ACT 2001 with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and is a company limited by guarantee.

A copy of the current IAHA Constitution can be found here.

A copy of the IAHA Privacy and Confidentiality policy can be found here.

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What We Do

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals play a vital role in addressing the health and wellbeing of Australia’s First Peoples. In order to close the gap in health outcomes, more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people must be encouraged to consider, pursue and succeed in allied health careers.

As a peak body IAHA:

  • provides support and advocacy on behalf of Indigenous allied health professionals and students at the local, regional and national level.
  • builds strong leadership capacity across the allied health and Indigenous health sectors.
  • works closely with organisations, universities and other related sectors to improve health curricula, address allied health workforce issues, and promote allied health careers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • provides expert advice to governments, allied health professional bodies, educational institutions and the health sector in relation to health policy and issues.
  • develops and maintains strong networks and connections to Indigenous communities to ensure IAHA core objectives are meeting their needs and aspirations.
  • works closely with the health sector and communities to improve access to allied health services.


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Our Leaderships Statement

As a national member based  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation leading in the allied health sector we are committed to our leadership role through the following statement:

Our People, our culture and our knowledge is the foundation to achieving our vision. We believe that our ways of knowing, being and doing can influence and transform systems through collective action and partnership. We will collaborate with integrity, find strength in our identity and diversity, and will seek local strategies to meet local needs.

We are embedded in our communities. Decisions made for our community, not with our community directly impact us and our families. We will work closely with our communities to assert their rights and have ownership over their own health and health services. We will support our communities with strong, culturally-informed health leadership.

We have a sense of responsibility to continue the work of those who have come before us. We thank them for their perseverance, resilience and foresight in paving the way for us. We will nurture this spirit of resistance, and, learn from our experiences to inspire and create sustainable change for our generations to come.

Our Vision

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and future generations, are; healthy, strong, thriving and self-determined.

Our Purpose

We will collectively transform the allied health sector, led by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce to improve health and wellbeing outcomes.

Our Shared Values

We value and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander:
o Cultures & Identities
o Knowledges & Perspectives
o Sharing & Relationships

Our Principles

The following principles lay the foundation for IAHA strategic priorities, goals and strategies.

  • Culture as central to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership and self-determination
  • Culturally-informed, strengths-based practice
  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Accountability and Responsibility


History of IAHA

History of IAHA

The incorporation of Indigenous Allied Health Australia Inc. was preceded by a 12 month project to establish the Indigenous Allied Health Network, which was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing in July 2008. The Koori Occupational Therapy Scheme developed a proposal for funding to establish an Indigenous allied health network. The proposal was auspiced by Allied Health Professions Australia.

In June 2009, nine Indigenous allied health professionals attended the first general meeting of Indigenous Allied Health Australia.

During the meeting the purposes and objectives of IAHA and the proposed Rules were adopted, and its first Committee of Management appointed. Shortly afterwards, the newly established Committee of Management met and elected the President, Vice President and Treasurer.

Indigenous Allied Health Australia incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Vic) as a national association on 12 June 2009, supported by a 12 month funding agreement from the Department of Health and Ageing.

In December 2009 IAHA’s first Chief Executive Officer, Mr Craig Dukes was appointed, followed shortly by the establishment of the IAHA office at 10 Thesiger Court Deakin ACT 2601. IAHA held its official launch in July 2010 at the Koorie Heritage Trust in Melbourne.

Since our incorporation, IAHA has developed into a strong and influential national peak body representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Allied Health Professionals and students. We are involved in a number of national advisory bodies and committees. This allows us to have a strong voice and advocate for the allied health sector and build sustainable and positive relationships with professional associations, the not-for-profit sector and work in partnership with other Indigenous national peak bodies.



Indigenous Allied Health Australia receives funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

IAHA acknowledges the original artwork by artist Colleen Wallace of Utopia, NT, which is used in the IAHA logo. The original artwork depicts people coming together to meet.

Original Artwork by Colleen Wallace

IAHA acknowledges the original artwork by artist Jade-Aaron Williams entitled ‘Coming Together’, which has been used in the IAHA Conference artwork.


Original Artwork by Jade-Aaron Williams entitled Coming Together