A message from IAHA Admin Support Officer Ian Martin during Men’s Health Week 2021

As men, we tend to gloss over the importance of regular health checks. We tend to go by the adage ’it’ll be ok mate’.
With a strong family history of heart disease, having lost my dad in 1995 at 61, older brother at 54 and a nephew at 47, I never thought of seeing a cardiologist. I didn’t think I needed to.
Following the loss of my nephew, it was my younger sister who suggested my younger brother and I make an appointment to see a cardiologist. Thankfully, I did in November 2019, where it was discovered the main artery in my heart was 70% blocked. A stent was inserted, and I see my cardiologist for a check-up, in November each year. I count my lucky stars each day, that I visited a cardiologist.
As a dad to three sons, I stress to them the importance of regular health checks. Two of the three boys have seen the same cardiologist and are being monitored.
A word of encouragement:
We can’t see what’s happening on the inside. Talk about your health, see your GP, and follow up with any referrals.
You just never know; it could save you from having an unexpected heart attack”.

June 17, 2021


Posted by: Renae Kilmister