IAHA Webinar Series

IAHA strives to provide professional development opportunities and self-care support through webinars that focus on specific health topics of interest across the collective membership of IAHA. These opportunities are promoted through the IAHA Newsfeed, Communiques and Social Media throughout the year. 


Tackling Indigenous Smoking with Prof. Tom Calma OAM – watch recording

In this webinar, IAHA Patron and National Coordinator Tackling Indigenous Smoking Professor Tom Calma provides an overview of the health impacts of smoking and shares strategies and resources for smoking cessation.


Self-care Workforce Support Webinar Series – watch recordings

IAHA hosts a series of self-care webinars for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce in partnership with AIDA, CATSINaM and NATSIHWA to provide a place to connect and support self-care of our valuable and important workforce. These webinars are held on the NSW Rural Doctors Network Rural Pro Platform.

Please note these webinars are for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander members of IAHA, AIDA, CATSINaM & NATSIHWA only. – email comms@iaha.com.au for password


Professional Development Webinar,
Thirrili (Power and Strength) – Watch recording

Presented by Thirrili CEO Jacqueline McGowan-Jones and  Thirrili Executive Manager – Policy and Programs Rachael Schmerl. 

Jacqueline and Rachael share their expertise and insights about the important postvention and suicide prevention roles that Thirrili carries out. Thirrili is the national provider of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-specific suicide postvention support and assistance.

Jacqueline and Rachael speak about Thirrili’s strengths-based approaches to providing suicide postvention care and supports which empower individuals, families and communities. 


Te Tiriti-Based Futures & Anti-Racism – watch recordings

This event ran from 21-30 March 2020 to mark UN Race Relations Day. It included 39 open-access webinars, 45 organisations (including IAHA partner organisation Nga Pou Mana) and over 70 speakers both local and international. The event is designed to build capacity around anti-racism and deepen understanding about Te Tiriti o Waitangi and decolonisation. Learn more HERE.