DIABETES across the LIFECOURSE: Northern Australia Partnership

The Diabetes across the Lifecourse: Northern Australia Partnership (previously Northern Territory and Far North Queensland Diabetes in Pregnancy Partnership) between researchers, healthcare providers and policy organisations [Menzies, NT Health, Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of NT, Healthy Living NT and Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute] was established to address the significant risks that diabetes in pregnancy carries for women and their children.


The Partnership is delivering a suite of interventions across the life-course for prevention of childhood and intergenerational obesity and diabetes. They are currently implementing a complex health systems intervention to improve maternal health post-partum and preconception.


The postpartum period is an opportune time to improve health for women and families and ensure optimal health prior to a future pregnancy. The Partnership has identified the following key 5 priorities for women’s health after a pregnancy complicated by hyperglycaemia: Glucose checks, Healthy weight, Breastfeeding, Smoke free, Contraception.


A key current aspect of this Partnership is work with health professionals and health services to improve maternal health after a pregnancy with diabetes with the focus on 5 key clinical aspects of maternal health postpartum developed from results from the clinical register and the longitudinal cohort study PANDORA and Wave 1.


Therefore, we are sharing some resources from our initiatives. Some of these resources are to provide you with additional context of the project including a clinical audit of remote NT Health primary health centres and the most recent newsletter. Also included ARE resources that may be helpful for service providers including materials on the Key 5 (targeted towards women who have experienced diabetes in pregnancy) and a clarifying statement about diabetes in pregnancy. Additionally, we are attaching a PowerPoint presentation that is available for health professionals to use in training their peers or community members. 


Please do not hesitate to contact Martil Zachariah, Translational Senior Research Officer on martil.zachariah@menzies.edu.au or on (08) 8946 8634 if you would like further information regarding any of the information.

  1. Key 5 PowerPoint  presentation
  2. Remembering the Key 5 (poster and brochure)
  3. NT Clinical Register brochure
  4. Clinical Register Key findings annual & cumulative report
  5. Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy statement
  6. DIABETES across the LIFECOURSE newsletter 2019


November 18, 2019


Posted by: Renae Kilmister